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At Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA, we know that most practices that advertise dentistry are trying to appeal to patients with aesthetic issues. After all, who can blame them? Our looks are important to us as humans. However, at our practice, we believe that health and aesthetics are inexorably intertwined. Our main approach to dentistry is to deal with the cause of an issue, not just a band-aid or a quick remedy. In the end, a smile that is healthy will look healthy!

With these priorities in mind, our dental team has put together a list of dentistry procedures and their health benefits. Check them out below and remember to visit us soon!

Dentistry Treatments For Better Dental Health

  • Periodontics can help improve or fix your gums. When food debris becomes trapped in the pockets between your enamel and your gum tissue, it can create inflammation. This can develop into full-blown gum disease, if left unchecked. At our practice, our periodontics team offers gum disease treatment. We can clean out your gums with cleanings and scalings, and can provide you with a care regimen to prevent the condition from resurfacing.
  • Dental implants replace missing teeth to complete your smile. They also help prevent bone recession and misalignment caused by the missing spaces in your smile. With the help of our implant team, you can bolster what remains of your smile or rebuild it from the ground up!
  • Prosthodontics include procedures also referred to as restorative or cosmetic dentistry by other practices. Our prosthodontics team is specially trained to iron out inconsistencies in your smile and treat dental ailments that threaten your smile’s aesthetic.
  • Endodontics include procedures that strengthen the inside of your teeth. Our endodontics team treats the pulp and other tissues that surround the tooth root, and aid patients when those areas have become infected or injured. If you’re in need of a root canal or bone grafting, we have you covered!

Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA truly believes that dentistry has the potential to change lives for the better. We serve satisfied patients in Palo Alto and Mountain View. Contact us today!

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