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At Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA, we know that teeth are meant to last your whole life. We also recognize that, unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way for a lot of people. There could be a variety of reasons to someone losing their teeth. Implant dentures from name of practice are one of our most popular restoration options because they can solve this dilemma effectively and prevent further damage. How? Read on!

One of the most popular aspects of implant dentures is their verisimilitude and realism. They are lifelike and people will have a hard time telling them apart from your natural teeth. Not to mention the increase in biting and chewing power, which is virtually the same as with natural teeth!

The Benefits To Jaw Health

Though some of the benefits of dental implants are obvious, there is more to them than meets the eye. Dental implants serve as artificial, structurally sound tooth roots. Our team places titanium posts in the jaw, where they fuse with the jaw bone. Once that happens, they’re become a solid foundation for dentures and a host of other restorations. This, in turn, helps you replace your missing teeth and restore your smile.

Additionally, due to this fusion, dental implants become part of the body. They stimulate the jaw bone and prevent bone loss; a common symptom of missing or failing teeth. Conventional dentures simply can’t achieve the same result, as they rest on top of the gums and don’t provide the structural integrity of implants.

Dental implants from Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA might sound like magic, but they’re not. They’re simply the top-of-the-line in dental restoration, and we are ready use them to help you smile again! People from Palo Alto and Mountain View also come to our practice for periodontics and oral surgery. Contact us today!

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