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A bright confident smile goes a long way towards your happy and healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re missing teeth, have broken teeth, or simply aren’t happy with the color and shape of your teeth, I have the expertise and experience to transform your smile into one you will love.

When you’re suffering from broken or missing teeth, it doesn’t just affect your smile and confidence, it affects your health as well. When you can’t chew certain foods, or you’re always favoring one side of your mouth, you may not only be missing out on certain nutrients and dietary needs, you could also be causing further damage to your remaining teeth and jaw.

Imagine how good it would feel, not only to smile with confidence, but to eat with confidence as well.

Dental implants are my specialty, and partnering up with Dr. Hartley with his expertise in porcelain veneers and other aesthetic aspects of dentistry allows me to offer the individualized and perfect smile that you deserve.

Dr. Hartley and I are passionate, not just about the science of restructuring mouths and teeth, but the art. Using the latest technology and training, we are able to sculpt and create the perfect smile, tooth by tooth, designed specifically for you.

We don’t just make a mold of your mouth and send it off to be copied, and built into one of those generic, bulky, “perfect smiles” that you see so much on television.  We’re able to design your new smile specifically for you, right here in the office, with your face and eyes in mind. By paying such close attention to the details of your mouth and face, we can design and build you a smile that not only looks, but is built just for you!

Don’t let the fear of costs hinder your smile or health. We can work with you to accommodate your financial situation. A smile makeover doesn’t have to happen overnight. We can spread out your treatment plan in stages so that you can anticipate the costs, and plan accordingly. These services may be more affordable than you think.

Schedule a free consultation today, and take that first step towards designing that beautiful and perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of!



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