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Many of my patients come to me having been told that they’re not a good candidate for dental implants. Their cases were “too complicated”, and other implant specialists didn’t want to take them on.

I love the complicated cases! I specialize in “smile makeovers”, and there is no case too big (or too small!) for me to take on.

If you have been told that you’re not a candidate for dental implants, or if you’re just starting to consider dental implants as an option for you or a loved one, please read on to learn more about dental implants and how they work.

Am I too old for Dental Implants?

Many of my patients are elderly, and they love their implants! They are so much more stable and secure than dentures, and they can last a lifetime. You don’t have to take them out to clean them, you don’t have to hold them in place with icky glue, and you certainly don’t have to worry about them slipping out while you’re speaking or chewing.

Some of my elderly (and some not so elderly) patients have experienced deterioration of their bone mass as a result of missing teeth. We can apply bone grafts in order to strengthen the site of the implant, and that is not a complicated procedure.

We can do full-mouth implants for those who have lost several teeth, and for those who’ve only one tooth to replace we can do same-day implants!

The bottom line is no one is too old to get the beautiful and healthy smile that they deserve. I will work tirelessly to make it happen for you.

Dental Implants with Dental Phobia

A lot of my patients have put of getting dental implants for years because of anxiety, fear, or dental phobia. That’s why I am specially trained and certified to practice sedation dentistry. We can sedate you as little or as much as you need in order to be calm, comfortable and relaxed for your surgery.

People also worry about the pain and healing time associated with dental implant surgery. I have patients who recover with nothing but Advil, Tylenol and ice packs! I have other patients who require a little more medication than that, but I promise to be available and supportive for your entire process.

We also offer advanced healing technology for dental implants, and many of my patients are back into their normal routines the very next day. I’m told time and time again, “That was so much easier than I expected!”

The Costs of Dental Implants

Costs of dental implants are another factor that deters people from getting dental implants. My office will work with you to get you the care that you need. We will work with your insurance company, and we can also set up payment plans.

People are often pleasantly surprised to learn the dental implants are more affordable than they believed.

If you’re senior citizen tired of wearing dentals, an adult tired of being ashamed of your missing tooth, or just about anyone for that matter, I can help you to beautify your smile and simplify your life.

Give my office a call today. We serve patients all over the Greater Bay Area, from San Francisco to the Peninsula, and all the surrounding communities. We offer free consultations, and no case is too big (or small!) for us!

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