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Crown lengthening

Crown Lengthening and the Benefits it Offers Patients

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Short-looking teeth can be unattractive, making people feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social situations. Fortunately, crown lengthening is a procedure that can help restore your confidence by making your teeth look longer. At Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos, CA, our experienced dentists are here to help you understand the benefits of crown lengthening and how it can help improve your oral health.

What is Crown Lengthening?
Crown lengthening is an oral surgery procedure used to reshape the gum line around one or more teeth. It involves removing some of the gum tissue and/or bone to make the teeth look longer. As a result, patients who have this type of treatment will also often experience an improvement in their bite as well.

When Is It Used?
Crown lengthening is most commonly used when a patient has short-looking teeth that detract from their overall appearance. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes such as improving the symmetry of a smile or creating more room for dental work such as veneers or bridges. Additionally, crown lengthening may be recommended if a tooth needs extra support in order to hold a restoration properly.

Benefits of Crown Lengthening
The primary benefit of crown lengthening is that it can improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile by making your teeth look longer and more symmetrical. In addition, this type of treatment can also provide support for dental work such as veneers and bridges, improving both form and function. Finally, crown lengthening can help improve your bite by relocating excess gum tissue which may have been preventing your top and bottom teeth from meeting properly when you close your mouth.
Merging Science & Artistry at Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists

At Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA we understand that every patient’s situation is unique; therefore we use a personalized approach when recommending any procedure such as crown lengthening to ensure optimal results for each individual client’s needs. Additionally, our highly trained staff specializes in both science and artistry; allowing us to merge these two elements together to create beautiful smiles that last a lifetime! Crown lengthening can address a number of issues related to short-looking teeth including enhancing aesthetics, supporting dental work such as veneers or bridges, and even improving bite alignment. The team at Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists have extensive experience performing this type of procedure and use their combined knowledge of science and artistry to ensure patients receive optimal results with long-lasting effects. If you’re considering having this type of treatment done, contact us today to learn more about what we offer at our Los Altos office!

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