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Have you been putting off getting dental implants out of fear? If so, believe me when I tell you you’re not alone. Many people feel frightened, intimidated, and overwhelmed about the process and potential for pain with getting a dental implant.

The longer you put off getting a dental implant, the higher your chances are of running into difficulties later on. It is important to get your implant as soon as possible, to avoid problems later on in the future.

I hear over and over from my patients, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought”, and “I only wish I had done this sooner!” I’m always happy to hear that the process wasn’t as traumatizing as people expected, and I want you to know that there are same day implants available. You can come into my office with a missing tooth, and walk out with a functioning tooth on the same day.

How Do Same Day Implants Work?

My staff and I will make sure that you are thoroughly informed about the process you will be going through on the day of surgery. A lot of fear is based on not knowing what to expect, and we will do everything possible to alleviate those frightening unknowns, before you come in for surgery.

Dental phobia is very real, and I am passionate about helping people to get the work done that they need, with the least amount of fear and trepidation.

On the day of your surgery you will come in and have the root implanted for your dental implant. I am trained and equipped to offer sedation dentistry, and for patients with severe anxiety and fear this is a wonderful option to consider. An added bonus to sedation dentistry is that it speeds up the healing process!

You will go home to rest and heal overnight, and come in first thing the next morning to have a temporary crown placed, that will last until your healing is complete. This crown will look and function just as a natural tooth would.

This process turns out to be far easier and quicker than people expect. And the fact that you have a functioning tooth, virtually overnight, is a great relief to many.

Are Same Day Implants Right For Me?

If you are missing a front tooth, you may feel embarrassed or ashamed. That is understandable, and same day implants can greatly minimize the amount of time your confidence or self-esteem is suffering.

If you are having reconstruction done on your mouth, in order to achieve your best smile, same day implants may be right for you. It can greatly reduce the amount of time you are missing teeth, or feeling insecure about your appearance.

Feeling happy and confident about your smile is very important. It is also important to remember that functioning teeth are imperative to your physical and overall health as well. The least amount of time you spend missing teeth, the better. Same day implants ensure that your whole mouth is functioning as efficiently, and as soon as possible.

Not Every Implant Dentist Can Do This

Many dentists will just leave the abutment alone for the months it can take to heal. I believe that having a temporary (and functioning) tooth during the time it takes to heal greatly reduces the amount of stress and self-consciousness my patients feel during implant surgery.

I specialize in dental implants; I actually really love doing them! I take pride in helping my patients overcome their fears and phobias about dental surgery. With the wonderful advances in technology I am able to provide fully functioning implants in just one day. By utilizing sedation dentistry and PRF Enhanced Healing technology, we can quicken up the process even further!

Don’t delay getting your implants any longer. We offer free consultations, and we serve patients all over the Greater Bay Area and we look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted and truly deserve!








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