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No one should have to live without properly functioning teeth. It affects the food you’re able to eat, and has psychological effects as patients feel awkward with missing teeth. Many of my patients are scared to fix their failing teeth. One of their concerns if they need a tooth extracted and replaced is – what will I look and feel like if I don’t have a tooth during my healing process?

Not to worry – I have a solution! In my practice, you can leave our office the same day as your implant surgery with a functioning tooth in place that looks and feels natural.

This is especially important for people who are missing any front teeth that are visible in their smile. And patients who are wearing partial or full dentures are often concerned with being able to leave the office with functional teeth.

How Same Day Dental Implants Work

Not every implant dentist works in the same way, many do not offer the convenience of same day dental implants. I believe in sending my patients home after their implant surgery with a natural looking and feeling tooth to replace their missing tooth.

After a complimentary consultation, we’ll schedule your implant surgery. Many patients opt for IV sedation to make their experience comfortable and anxiety-free – and to speed up their recovery process.

After I place the implant, I will add a temporary crown over the implant that looks and functions like a regular tooth during your 4-6 month healing process. After that time when we know you’ve healed properly and the implant is stable, I’ll create a perfect permanent tooth crown to replace the temporary one.

That’s how you can leave my office with a replacement tooth the day of your dental implant placement! This allows you to eat normally, and have a full set of functioning teeth during your healing process.

Front Teeth and Multiple Unit Dental Implants

My patients who are suffering from missing front teeth often avoid getting their dental implant because they’re afraid of not having a tooth during their healing process. In many cases, they’ve consulted with other providers who cannot provide a replacement tooth the same day.

This is also the case for patients who have full or partial dentures that we are replacing with implants. They are worried that they’ll be without functioning teeth during the implant process – and often they’ve been told they cannot have replacement teeth the same day.

My patients feel more comfortable with the dental implant process knowing they’ll be able to leave my office with fully functioning teeth. The temporary crown that I put on for the healing process allows my patients to eat normally, and have a full set of teeth when they leave my office. I have been extensively trained to do this work with same-day dental implants, and am pleased to offer this unique service to my patients.

Get New Teeth Today!

Have you ever been told that you can’t have replacement teeth during your dental implant healing process? Come in for a complimentary consultation and find out more about how our same-day dental implants. I believe everyone deserves a full set of healthy, functioning teeth. Whether you’re missing a single tooth, or all your teeth, I can help you get your teeth back in 1 easy day!

Our team is ready to serve you. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We have a full team of financial experts with a wide variety of solutions, including financing, to make dental implants comfortable for your lifestyle. We never want finances to get in the way of the treatment you need, and we’re here to help! Call us today to get new healthy, functioning teeth in a single visit.

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