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The cost of dental implants is one of the top questions I get asked when patients inquire about treatment. Dental implants may be more affordable than you think!

Imagine the health benefits of replacing your missing tooth or teeth, and how it will feel to have a new stable tooth structure. There are always choices and tradeoffs to consider financially when making an investment in your health. Fortunately there are lots of options from low monthly payments to bulk payments to finance your dental implants.

Value of Dental Implants

It’s important to look at the overall value of dental implants. There are less expensive options for patients with missing teeth like bridges. However, nothing has the longevity of a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. Also with bridges, we have to work on the adjacent teeth; whereas with implants, we only replace the missing tooth space.

Think of the benefits to your overall health as well. When you’re missing a tooth, it can be hard to eat nutritious food and maintain a healthy balanced diet. Replacing your missing tooth with a sturdy dental implant allows you to eat properly with benefits to your whole body.

Many patients tell me that there is also a psychological strain when they have a missing tooth. Sometimes they’re uncomfortable eating in public, and going to social events.  It’s hard to put a price on feeling confident.

Fitting the Cost of Dental Implants into Your Lifestyle

Everyone has concerns about finances, and must make choices about what to invest their resources in. Often the cost of getting a dental implant is competing with the need for a new car down payment, or a vacation with the family, or activities for your kids. It’s hard to decide and make trade-offs.

The #1 thing I hear from patients after their dental implant procedure is complete is, “I wish I’d done this much sooner!” They immediately feel healthier and more confident, and it’s a life changing experience. While many patients enter into the dental implant process worried if it will be affordable for them, most find they are able to work out an option that is comfortable for them.

Resources for Dental Implant Affordability

Our Treatment Coordinators are financial experts when it comes to making dental implants affordable for all our patients. We have access to 3rd party financing resources that allow patients to make low monthly payments. Our team will work with you to find a solution that’s comfortable for you.

We never want finances to stand in the way of you getting the treatment that you need, and we are committed to finding a plan that works for you. Most patients find that dental implants are more affordable than they thought, and they are so thrilled when they are able to replace their missing tooth with a stable dental implant.

Give our office a call today find out more about how affordable dental implants can be for you! We’re ready to help, and we offer complimentary consultations to learn more about your options.

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