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Dental phobia is real, and if you experience it – you’re not alone! Many patients have fears of the dentist, and often it keeps them from going regularly.

Dental implant surgery can be especially daunting for patients with phobias of the dentist – it sounds like it may be invasive, painful and unpleasant.

Fortunately, with modern technology, we have options to make this a much more comfortable experience for patients! We also have cutting-edge technology to make dental implants safer, more stable long-term with better healing and recovery than ever before.

In our office, we strive to make our physical environment as relaxing as possible. I’m also a certified provider of IV sedation which many of my implant patients opt for to make dental implant surgery a breeze. Finally, I understand my patients’ fears and help them feel comfortable and safe throughout the process.

Spa-Like Environment to Relax Dental Patients

In our practice, we pride ourselves on creating a soothing, relaxing environment for patients to receive their dental work. Patients with fears of the dentist say they notice a difference coming here because they don’t feel like they’re in a dental office.

We offer services to enhance our patients’ comfort including paraffin hand wax therapy, aromatherapy and chair massages to help our patients relax and forget they’re in a dental chair. When your body is relaxed, it enhances your ability to heal – versus if you’re tense your body goes into a defense mode.

We also give patients headphones and dark glasses to counteract the dental machinery sounds and overhead lights. Patients can drift away comfortably without the stress of feeling like they’re in the dental chair.

IV Sedation To Ease Dental Anxiety

I’m a certified provider of IV sedation – and I even teach dental students at USC about it. What is IV sedation, and how does it help your dental implant procedure?

IV sedation is “conscious” sedation – meaning it’s not like general anesthesia where you’re completely out. With IV sedation, you are fully conscious the entire time, and I talk to you throughout the procedure.

The benefit if IV sedation is that the medicine can go right into your system with a steady dosing – versus oral medications which can vary based on a person’s individual metabolism. What this means is that you’ll be getting a precise dose of medication that will both ease any pain and allow you to fully relax.

An additional benefit with IV sedation is that I can precisely administer the right healing medication so that your 1st 24 hours post-surgery are even more comfortable than with oral medication. This speeds up your healing process by getting the right medication into your system easily.

IV sedation makes the dental implant procedure significantly easier and more comfortable for patients – and I especially recommend it for patients with dental phobias. After the surgery, my patients always tell me it was much easier than they expected.

Empathetic Doctor Who Understands Dental Fears

I understand my patients’ fears of the dentist. While I love being behind the dental chair working, I have to admit I don’t enjoy being in the dental chair myself as a patient.

In addition to pursing the most advanced dental implant credentials available, I also maintain a caring and empathetic chair-side manner with all my patients. Sometimes this means walking a patient in from the parking lot when they’re too scared to come in for the procedure.

I appreciate that patients can have significant phobias around dental implant surgery. Yet I also see the amazing benefits that it brings to patients’ lives when they face their fears and get the dental implants they need. In short, it’s 1 of the most life-changing experiences they have – and I’m honored to be the doctor to help them live better lives.

Easy, Relaxing Dental Implant Surgery

The combination of the relaxing techniques in our office, with the technology of IV sedation allows me to give my patients an outstanding dental implant experience. We strive to be the best dental practice in the greater Bay Area  for dental implants.

Sometimes dental phobias can extend to finances and patients are concerned about affording the treatment they need. Not to worry! Dental implants are more affordable than patients often think, and we have outstanding financial experts available to help patients find a solution that’s comfortable for their lifestyle.

Call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation for dental implants. We serve patients across the Bay Area and beyond from our convenient Los Altos location. It’s worth going to the best office and doctor for this type of procedure, and we regularly see patients from San Jose, San Francisco, Walnut Creek and the surrounding cities. We look forward to helping you!

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