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Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular today – especially for procedures like dental implant surgery. When it comes to a bigger treatment like this, you want to get the best possible care.

My practice is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in the beautiful town of Los Altos. We have state-of-the-art technology and a relaxing, comfortable practice. I have the highest level of training in dental implant surgery to offer my patients.

Not everywhere has high-quality facilities and treatment available. We routinely see patients in our practice who travel to see us – especially from the Monterey and Sacramento metro areas. It’s a reasonable distance to travel to get the best dental care for your dental implant surgery.

Keep reading to find out more details!

Best Quality Dental Implant Care

My practice is a full service dental practice, and I specialize in dental implants. We have the latest technology available to deliver the best possible outcomes to our patients including 3-D imaging, digital workflow and scanning, and osseointegration technology to promote implant stability.

In addition, I can perform other supplemental procedures you may need including bone grafting, or platelet rich fibrin enhanced healing (PRF) which will speed up the healing process.

We’ve designed our practice to feel like a relaxing spa, so you don’t even feel like you’re at the dentist! We take pride in the comforts we provide our patients like aromatherapy and paraffin hand wax treatment.

I’m also a certified provider of conscious IV sedation technology to make your dental implant process smooth and painless. Sedation dentistry allows me to deliver a precise amount of medication, and will help you heal faster because I can control the dosing. This is also a great option for patients who suffer from dental phobia, or patients who need multiple procedures in 1 visit.

Same Day Dental Implants

One service I proudly offer to all patients is same-day dental implants – even for patients with multiple units, or full-mouth reconstructions to replace dentures! What does this mean to you?

It means whether you’re missing a single-tooth or all your teeth, you can walk out of my office in a single day with all new functional, healthy teeth!

This is especially helpful if you’re traveling to my practice from Monterey or Sacramento for your dental implants. This means in 1 visit you can get the new teeth you’ve wanted. Everyone deserves to have a healthy, functional set of teeth – it allows you to eat whatever you want, and feel confident every day.

Enjoy the Area

The greater Bay Area offers many attractions for patients who want to travel here for their dental care and enjoy the area. Our practice is located in downtown Los Altos with unique restaurants and shops. I highly recommend the Enchante Boutique Hotel, newly renovated with a charming old-world atmosphere – and within walking distance to our practice.

We are just 40 minutes from the attractions of San Francisco, and only 20 minutes to the Palo Alto area. And there’s plenty of events such as concerts and shows that comes to San Jose which is 20 minutes from us.

Make it a fun getaway in addition to getting the best dental treatment for your dental implants!

Plan Your Visit Today

More and more patients are traveling to get the best possible dental care – especially for a lifetime restoration like dental implants. For something that is meant to be permanent, you want to have a provider with the highest skill level and a practice with the best technology available.

We welcome patients from Monterey and Sacramento to be treated in our office! Give us a call today and we can help plan your visit. You can get the dental implants you need in a single day, and enjoy the beautiful area.

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