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Dental implants are one of the most successful surgeries in dentistry. The success rate is often as high as 95%, and with the care of a specialized and passionate dental implant specialist, the success rate can be as high as 98%. Modern technology has come very far in a short amount of time.

With those advances in technology, alongside my many years of experience successfully placing implants, I’ll develop a treatment plan for your implants to last the rest of your life.

Occasionally, however, implants do fail. There are several reasons that you may experience the failure of an implant, and most of them are avoidable, especially if you receive your implants from a top specialist. If you are currently experiencing the failure of a dental implant, please make an appointment with a dental implant specialist today.

Reasons for Implant Failure

Early implant rejection: Sometimes a body will resist the introduction of a foreign substance, such as metal. This can lead to pain or infection, which can lead to implant failure. This usually occurs before your bone tissue and gums have finished the healing process.

Late implant rejection: Occasionally, even after you have essentially healed from your implant surgery, there are problems in the later run. For example, if the bite is uneven, this may lead to damage in your other teeth or your jaw.

Poor dental hygiene: Even though an implant is a “fake” tooth, it still relies on your bones and tissue to act as a strong and healthy support system for the implant. It is important to continue taking care of your mouth and gums even after an implant has been placed. Smoking can absolutely be detrimental to the health of your implant.

Bone graft issues: Many patients require bone grafts in order to firmly implant their teeth. If the implant is not placed correctly, this can lead to issues or failure. We provide advanced 3D cone beam technology in order to avoid this issue.

Older Implants: I often see patients whose implants were placed years ago, before the technology was as advanced as it is today. Their implants simply didn’t have the chance to be as successful as they do today.

Choose the Right Provider

I take a lot of pride (and joy!) in my success as a dental implant provider. I offer the latest technological advances, as well as a lengthy and proven track record of successful implants. The happiness and healthiness of my patients’ means a great deal to me.

I understand that many people experience fear or a sense of being overwhelmed when it comes to the thought of dental implants. Sometimes patients need Invisalign aligners to move the teeth to an optimal position in order to insure the success of their implants. Sometimes they need help sorting out their options financially or logistically.

We take the extra time and effort to offer as many financial options as possible, personal and sensitive care, thorough and well thought out treatment plans, and a promise to be with you every step of the way.

If you’re experiencing dental implant failure, call my office today to schedule a complimentary consultation. I can fix your failing dental implants and get you back on the road to dental health and well-being.  We serve patients from all over the Bay Area; from San Francisco, to Walnut Creek, and many cites in the surrounding area. We look forward to helping you acquire the beautiful and healthy smile you’ve always wanted, and truly deserve!

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