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Check out this comprehensive educational video on how you can stop living with removable dentures that inhibit your lifestyle. Replace them with the latest technology in permanent dental implants!

Ever been told you’re stuck with dentures and not a candidate for dental implants? Keep reading, I can help.

Watch this video for before/after photos of real patients that I’ve treated!

No One Should Be Living with Dentures

Nobody should be wearing a loose fitting denture today. The future of dentistry is now – all dentures should be permanently attached in your mouth so you can live a normal life without the hassle of removable dentures.

If someone wakes up in the morning and has to get their teeth out of a glass of water, that’ a problem for me – I don’t want that for my patients. We’re in the heart of Silicon Valley – Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, and San Jose are affluent areas. Still millions of people in the country and tens of thousands in the greater Bay Area are living with dentures.

I offer my patients the comfort and easy of same day teeth replacement. What does that mean? Every day patients walk into my practice without teeth – wearing removable dentures – and after a short procedure, they leave with a full set of teeth! This is uncommon in dentistry, but a standard of care in my practice.

If you’re transitioning from dentures, and you want teeth today, come see me for a complimentary consultation. If you never want to put your teeth in a jar of water, come see me, and leave with a full set of permanent teeth.

Why Are People Still Living with Dentures?

Why aren’t all denture wearers opting for implants instead? Patients with dentures have often had a lifetime of dentistry, and lots of negative experiences. By the time they’re in dentures, they’re not plugged into their options and new technologies. They don’t know there are better options for them – they don’t know that they don’t have to live that way.

A patient came to see me, and I was his 4th consultation – he was told he couldn’t have implants. Every other doctor said he couldn’t have permanently affixed teeth, he’d have to have dentures, and he’d have to spend months in rehabilitation.

I gave him the option of having permanently affixed dental implants with no removable dentures. Now he has teeth that don’t come out – he can eat whatever he wants, he can smile, he can work, he can be social. He can do everything he wants to do – how he lives his life is not hindered by his dental health.

Do I Have Enough Bone to Support Dental Implants?

If you’ve had dentures for 20 years, you may be wondering if you have enough bone to support replacing your dentures with permanent implants. Often patients have had consults with other dentists who’ve told them they’re not candidates for implants because they don’t have enough bone.

This may be true in other practices, but has never been true in mine. I’ve never told a patient in over a decade they can’t have the implants that they need to replace their dentures. It’s my highest priority to give patients the permanent teeth they need so they can live the life they want.

I have extensive knowledge in advanced bone building technologies to overcome these challenges. I want my patients to be able to have something fixed in their mouth. When they come in to see me, I want to make sure they can leave with teeth.

Get Implant Supported Permanent Dentures

You don’t need to live with the hassles of removable dentures. I can give you a full set of permanent teeth today. In our office, we have a wide range of capabilities, and our goal is to give you the treatment you need in the shortest time possible.

Replacing your dentures with permanent implants may be more affordable than you think! Come talk to our team of financial experts today to learn about your options.

As always, I offer complimentary consultations to all patients looking to improve their life with dental implants. I also offer free patient seminars on dental implants if you’d ever like to learn more in an informal setting. Contact our office today, we’re waiting to help you get the teeth you need to live the life you want!


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