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People tend to dread involved dental procedures, such as getting a permanent crown. A crown can take weeks to complete the process, and it can be stressful. Many people don’t realize that with the advances in technology, same day crowns are a wonderful, easy, and quick option.

A common source of fear and anxiety when it comes to crowns is the goopy impressions needed to design the crown. With our technology this is no longer necessary. We use imaging technology instead.

Another cumbersome and annoying aspect of getting a dental crown is the period of time that you’re wearing a temporary one. They sometimes feel bulky and awkward, they’re difficult to chew with, and worst of all, sometimes they fall off. This can be embarrassing, inconvenient, and produce the need for yet another visit to the dentist office.

Technology and Same Day Crowns

With current technology, we can do the entire permanent crown procedure in one visit. You can skip the uncomfortable feeling in your mouth, and the tedious hassle of trudging to the dentist numerous times.

With our CAD/CAM system, or computer aided-design system, we can scan your tooth and design your crown while you’re still in the office. Also in the office is a milling unit that we use to carve out your crown. There is a block of porcelain that matches the shade of your tooth. While you wait, we can design and create your crown. You can see the whole process in action.

Within an hour, your crown can be designed, carved out, and bonded to your tooth!

If you’ve been putting off getting a crown because of fear and anxiety, or because you think you simply don’t have the time, make an appointment for a free consultation today! We serve patients all over the greater Bay Area, from San Francisco to Walnut Creek, and all the cities in between.

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