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Orthodontic work is not just for cosmetic purposes. Straight and properly spaced teeth benefit not only the health of your mouth and gums, but your overall health and wellness, especially as we get older and may need a dental implant.

The Benefits of Invisalign Before Implants

While patients of any age may need a dental implant, most implant candidates are seniors. When we age our teeth naturally crowd together and can overlap, which makes placing the implant more difficult.  More often than not, dental implants are used to replace your back teeth. If a molar has been lost, the remaining teeth tend to tip towards that empty space. This can create a couple of problems.

First, it is more difficult to place the implant. Second, if the tooth is growing sideways or crookedly, it isn’t functioning properly. Invisalign is used to correct these issues; to move the teeth back into their proper positions. This allows more room for the implants, as well as the proper space and position for them to be inserted.

Aligning Teeth Before Your Implant

Correctly positioned teeth are beneficial overall to the health of the gums and stability of the tooth structure.  Invisalign treatment ensures you have adequate space for your natural teeth and the new implant.  Proper alignment provides the implant the correct anchor-point in your mouth.

It is much easier to align teeth before you’re ever in need of an implant.  With the use of Invisalign, when it comes time to insert your dental implants, you’ll have optimal and long lasting success with straight and properly positioned teeth.

Patients can benefit from using Invisalign and dental implants side by side.  Invisalign works to properly space your teeth and maintain their proper alignment. When your teeth are in the correct positions, and with the proper amount of space between them, it is easier to insert dental implants.

When dental implants are inserted properly and firmly into a healthy mouth, they will last the rest of your life. This is true if you need a single tooth replaced, or a full set of implants.  When patients’ teeth are in the right position, it helps keep the implant more stable.

Expert and Quality Treatment

The quality and success of a treatment plan for your Invisalign treatment, and dental implants, is dependent on comprehensive care. Dr. Joseph Field is one of the most respected dental implant specialists in the Bay Area, and is also an Elite Invisalign Provider. Dr. Field believes oral health care is crucial to overall well-being and takes a personal interest in his client’s success.

Dr. Field enjoys mapping out his patients’ treatment plans and takes great joy in seeing the improvements to their lives and health! Dr. Field sees patients from all over the greater Bay Area.  He is referred patients from Palo Alto, San Francisco, the East Bay, San Jose, and the Peninsula.  Schedule a complimentary evaluation with Dr. Field and get started on the road to Invisalign, dental implants, and a healthier and happier you!

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