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For a many years people with missing teeth had only dentures to rely on for teeth replacement. Thanks to advances in technology we can now offer dental implants, a permanent solution to missing teeth. They are fixed into your jaw, so you don’t ever have to remove them, and they usually last for the rest of your life!

Wearing Dentures

Dentures still work for some people, but there are some hassles and maintenance issues that can be avoided when using implants instead.

Dentures need to be held in place with glue. You have to take them in and out, sometimes several times a day, in order to secure them with more glue. They have to be cleaned periodically, and sometimes they are uncomfortable and painful.

Dentures tend to move around, making certain foods difficult to eat. The extra hardware in your mouth can hinder your speech, making it harder for people to understand you.

While dentures are better than no teeth at all, and perfectly acceptable for some people, there are better options now with permanent dental implants.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming more common and easier to provide. The surgical aspect is much easier now, with sedation dentistry, and we can even do same-day implants! The cost of dental implants is not as expensive as people may think, and my patients all say they wished they had done it sooner!

Implants never have to be removed since they are permanently implanted into your jaw. You still need to brush and floss consistently, since your gums are still an important part of your oral health and hygiene.

Because implants are permanently fixed in your jaw they are more secure than dentures when eating. They are more natural looking, and there is no glue or other materials necessary for their maintenance or function. They look and feel like natural teeth.

Dental implants benefit not just your mouth, but your overall health. You can chew healthier foods, feel more confident, and clean your mouth and gums easily and effectively.

Implant Supported Dentures

It is possible to have a combination of dentures and implants in patients who are missing all or most of their teeth. We can place 2, 4, or 6 implants, and then create a removable bridge to attach the implants.

This works fairly well, as implant supported dentures are more stable and fixed than regular dentures, but I can’t think of a single patient who stayed with that set-up. You still have pieces that go in and out of your mouth, and need cleaning and replacing.  People return to the office, wanting a more fixed solution than the implant supported dentures can provide.

If you’re wearing dentures, and would like a more permanent solution, come in for a free consultation! We specialize in implants.  And if you’re missing teeth, or are going to lose teeth, don’t worry! There are lots of options available to you. Losing teeth is no longer as big of an ordeal as it used to be. Whether you need a single tooth implant, or full mouth implants, we are here to help!

We serve patients all over the Greater Bay area, from the Peninsula, to the East Bay, to San Francisco.




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