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If you’re only missing 1 tooth, why get an implant? What about a bridge instead?

Check out my latest educational video on single tooth implants to learn more about your options, and the health benefits of getting a dental implant.

Losing a tooth is a difficult thing, fortunately there is great technology today that we can use to replace your missing tooth with a sturdy dental implant. It’s the best option to replace a missing tooth – and you can have it all done in a single day!

Losing a Tooth

Losing a tooth is one of the most emotional things people can face – I see my patients go through it all the time. Some people say it’s their biggest fear, and now it’s happened. It’s a hard place to get to.

Without that tooth in place, there’s health ramifications beyond just the aesthetics. Patients face bone loss without a functioning tooth. A missing tooth affects the way you’re able to chew your food, and the type of food you’re able to eat. People often find they have psychological effects such as not wanting to smile, or avoiding social events.

Replacement Tooth Options

Traditionally bridges were best option to replace a single missing tooth. The worst part about a bridge is that you have to grind down the teeth adjacent to the bridge. That means you’ve turned a single tooth problem into a 3 tooth problem. They last about 7-8 years and then need to be replaced.

With dental implants, you only replace the 1 missing tooth without harming the teeth near it. It looks, feels and acts like a regular tooth. A dental implant gives you all the aesthetic functionality of a regular tooth. You can eat whatever you want, and it will preserve the bone as well.

Dental implants should last a lifetime. They don’t decay – that’s not an issue anymore with a dental implant. You still have to take care of your gum health with regular checkups and cleanings.

Is a Dental Implant Painful?

Many patients worry about their pain level with getting a dental implant – it’s one of the most common questions I get every day. After the procedure, many of my patients tell me it was easier than getting a crown!

Pain shouldn’t keep patients from getting a dental implant. There are a wide range of options for pain management. The most comprehensive is IV sedation for patients who are very anxious about the procedure and pain – or patients who need other dental work completed. Other patients just want basic oral sedation with some laughing gas. I let my patients dictate what works best for them.

Replace Your Missing Tooth With a Dental Implant

Unlike many implant dentists, one of the best things about being seen in my office is that I can give you a same-day dental implant! This means you’ll leave your procedure with a functional tooth in place the same day, and have it during your healing phase. After a few months when we know the implant has successfully healed, we’ll place a permanent implant crown.

I see patients from all over the greater Bay Area including San Francisco, Marin County, San Jose, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, Monterey, and all of the surrounding cities. Traveling for a dental implant is very common, and worth it to get top quality care. I have the highest credentials for dental implants, and stay at the cutting edge of technology.

Give our office a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation! We have financial experts who can help with a variety of financing options to make your dental implant affordable for your lifestyle.


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