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Cosmetic dentistry at Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA has great potential! Of course you’ve heard of the benefits: a more aesthetically pleasing smile, a reinvigorated social life, a renewed self-confidence. These are all priceless benefits.

But did you know that Cosmetic dentistry can also have dental health benefits? Cosmetic dentistry procedures with additional health benefits include:

  • Dental Veneers: These thin ceramic shells are crafted to fit exactly to the front of an individual tooth. They’ll cover chips and cracks, and gaps between your teeth, but they’ll also add structural support to the rest of your teeth, ensuring a reliable smile in the future.
  • Dental Implants: With these state-of-the-art restorations, you can replace a lost tooth with an artificial tooth that mimics the real thing in look and function! This means implants don’t only improve your appearance; they also prevent your existing teeth from shifting and your gum-line from incurring further damage.
  • Crown Lengthening: Though often a purely aesthetic procedure, crown lengthening can also improve dental health by rejuvenating the gums and eliminating pockets where bacteria can hide. It’s one of many ways we help prevent gum disease at our practice.

Cosmetic dentistry from Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA can give you the smile you have always wanted, and it can ensure it stays healthy for years to come. Patients from Palo Alto and Mountain View also come to name of practice for full mouth reconstruction and sedation dentistry. Contact us today!

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