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What is a Gingivectomy and Why Might I Need One? 

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If you have ever wondered what a Gingivectomy is, we at Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA have you covered.

Gingivitis and gingival hyperplasia are two conditions that can cause your gums to swell and grow in an uneven way around your teeth, which in turn can lead to painful chewing, tooth loss, and other issues. 

While these conditions are fairly easy to recognize, they can often go undiagnosed or be misdiagnosed by dentists who aren’t familiar with them.

One of the best ways to ensure that you get proper treatment for gingivitis or gingival hyperplasia is to find a dentist who specializes in periodontal care.

What is a gingivectomy?

One of the procedures that your dentist may use to address problems such as these is called a gingivectomy. While the name might sound a bit scary, a gingivectomy is actually a simple procedure that is often performed in your dentist’s office. This procedure is usually only necessary when less invasive treatments, such as dental care and reflux treatment, fail to resolve the issues that you are experiencing.

But before your dentist will recommend a gingivectomy, they will have thoroughly evaluated your health and their treatment plan. This is because the risks associated with this procedure are more likely to be experienced when your overall health isn’t very good. For example, if your dentist were to recommend this procedure, they may suggest that you consult with your physician to consider whether there is a possibility that the surgery may be become complicated. 

Why might I need a Gingivectomy?

The mouth is home to a great number of bacteria, some of which are helpful to our health while others can cause illness. The lining of the gingiva, also known as the gums, is particularly susceptible to infections because it is closely adjacent to our mouths and teems with bacteria. One type of infection that can occur in the gums is pyorrhea, which involves the loss of the tissues that support and anchor teeth in the gums. When these structures are lost, the teeth become loose and may have to be removed surgically. Gingivectomy is also used to treat malformations of the gingiva which may or may not be due to underlying gum disease.

We at Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists in Los Altos CA can treat your gum disease with a variety of options. We serve patients in Palo Alto and Mountain View. Schedule an appointment today.

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