Mid-Peninsula Prosthodontics is a core member of Mid-Peninsula Dental Specialists. Together, they form a team of doctors and professionals providing elite inter-disciplinary oral & dental care.

Our standards of care consistently exceed the expectations of both our patients and their referring doctors. Our focus on continual personal and team development enables us to provide the best healthcare experience for our patients.

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Our Prosthodontist

Dr. Katerina Kostagianni

Dr. Katerina Kostagianni

A Prosthodontist with extensive experience in Advanced Implant Dentistry and Esthetic Rehabilitation. Dr. Kostagianni received her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree (DDS) from the University of Athens (Greece) and her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree (DMD) from Tufts School of Dental Medicine.

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Why See A Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in the aesthetic restoration and replacement of teeth to their proper form and function. Our office ensures the best patient care for these complex dental restorations. Prosthodontists use many treatment options to achieve a healthy smile, including:

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are two solutions for missing or damaged teeth that often work together to help restore both your smile and your bite. 

  • A dental crown is a replacement tooth that is custom-made for you, which means it will match the look and feel of your natural teeth, allowing you to smile and eat your favorite foods in no time. 
  • A bridge is a replacement tooth that’s held in place by anchors or dental crowns on either side of the replacement and can be a good option when a dental implant isn’t a suitable choice.
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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can be used to address a wide variety of dental problems, from broken or damaged teeth to cosmetic issues such as discoloration. At Mid-Peninsula Prosthodontics, we use porcelain for our veneers because of the natural finished look that porcelain achieves. Like dental crowns, dental veneers are custom-made to be a good fit for your mouth and teeth. 

You’ll love the smile our porcelain dental veneers give you — especially if you’ve spent years hiding your smile due to gaps, misaligned teeth, or discoloration.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is when all, or most, of your teeth need to be replaced. When this comprehensive treatment is completed, the form and function of your teeth are fully restored. 

As with all of our treatments, we consider your overall health, your dental health, and both the function and the appearance of your teeth as we are designing and implementing treatment. When undergoing full mouth reconstruction, this comprehensive approach is even more essential. That’s why you should work with the specialists at Mid-Peninsula Prosthodontics when you’re considering getting this kind of extensive restoration work done.

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Teeth Implants

In cases where one or more teeth have been lost or surgically removed, dental implants are often the best replacement option. Dental implants consist of three parts, the implant fixture which replaces the root of the tooth, the abutment which connects your replacement tooth to the implant fixture, and the restoration, which is typically a porcelain crown. 

Dental implants are a popular option for many reasons, including their longevity as a solution and their easy maintenance. When well cared for, a dental implant can last a lifetime.

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TMJ Treatment

There are a variety of treatments available for TMJ disorders, and our specialists will work with you to determine the right fit for your situation. Treatments may include the use of medications such as anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, or muscle relaxants, and physical therapy treatments that can help to strengthen or stretch jaw muscles that are causing pain. 

If these less invasive treatments don’t sufficiently address the issue, our specialists may suggest surgery or other medical procedures.

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Snoring and Sleep Disorders

If you find yourself snoring loudly at night, or waking frequently, you may be suffering from a form of sleep apnea. Several treatment options are available, most commonly the use of a CPAP machine. 

In the case of obstructive sleep apnea, a device that helps reposition the obstruction may sometimes be indicated. A variety of devices may be used which can reposition the jaw, mandible, and/or tongue to help unblock the airway during sleep. 

Understanding the cause of the apnea is essential to determining the correct treatment, and our specialists can work with you to help ensure you get a good night’s sleep again.

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Happy Patients

Dr Phan and Dental Assistant Jane were really Pros from start to finish. Jane was absolutely hilarious and very attentive, while also totally professional. Her and Dr. Phan made a great team and were able to solve my complicated wisdom tooth situation and always kept me informed of every risk before proceeding. Thank you!

Michael B.

Dr Beckstead is amazing. I had partial bone loss around one of my teeth and three dentists think that I won't be able to keep it, but Dr Beckstead performed one surgery and saved my tooth. It has been over two years since the surgery and I have not had any more issues with that tooth.

Lucy X.

I'm actually looking forward to my next prophylaxis. That's a teeth cleaning, and I never would have believed I'd say such a thing. I want to give a special shout out to Cindy, who did a fantastic job on my teeth AND gave me the tools and knowledge to nip gum disease in the bud. Have you ever heard of a Sulcabrush? I have one now, and it's awesome. Look it up.

David R.

Dr. Beckstead and his entire team are exceptional. They provided kind, informative and top-notch care every step of the way. My nerves were immediately calmed when I entered the office and I realized that I was in the caring and experienced care of true professionals. The procedure was flawless, the outcome was terrific and the entire process was pain-free (in every way!).

Tina R.

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