Types of dentures offered by Mid-Peninsula Dental Specialists

Traditional Dentures

Full dentures

Full or complete dentures are an option when all of your teeth are missing or have been removed. In the case of removal, it’s important to give the gum tissue time to heal before the dentures are placed. In some cases it’s possible to have temporary dentures that will allow you partial function while waiting for the healing process to be completed. 

Partial dentures

Similar to a dental bridge, partial dentures can be used when only some of the teeth need to be replaced. Anchored to adjacent teeth, partial dentures replace your missing teeth to restore function and preserve your dental health. Unlike a dental bridge, however, a partial denture is attached in such a way that it can be removed for ease of cleaning.

Benefits of traditional dentures

Missing teeth cause a variety of dental health problems. Your other teeth can shift their positions or wear unevenly, leaving them vulnerable to damage. Dentures can be quick and low-cost to prevent these issues from developing in your remaining natural teeth.

Traditional dentures can also be more attractive than missing teeth and can restore some of your ability to bite and chew.

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Removable Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures can slip and shift position, making eating and speaking more challenging. They also require adhesives and other special care, calling attention to your dentures on a regular basis. 

Removable implant-supported dentures can combine the benefits of both traditional dentures and permanent implant dentures. 

By attaching to implants, movement and slippage isn’t a concern. You can feel confident that your dentures will stay in place while you’re wearing them! At the same time, removable implant-supported dentures are lower cost than permanent denture implants and come with the additional benefit of easy cleaning.

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Permanent Denture Implants

At Mid-Peninsula Dental Specialists, we use the Straumann all-on-X system. This allows us to give you a full set of permanent dentures (upper or lower) attached to only four dental implants. 

Permanent denture implants allow you to retain and restore jawbone, which benefits your overall dental health and even your appearance! 

If you’d like to replace your missing teeth with dentures that look, feel, and function as naturally as possible — permanent denture implants might be the right choice for you. Because they don’t need to be removed at night, and because you can eat, smile, laugh, and talk in the ways that you’re used to, you’ll likely forget you’ve got dentures at all!

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Compare Denture Options

Traditional Dentures Removable Implant-Supported Dentures Permanent Denture Implants
Requires the use of dental adhesive. Attaches to implants — no adhesive required. The most secure denture option. No adhesive required and no slipping.
Removable for cleaning. Removable for cleaning. Permanent — cleaned with gentle brushing, just like natural teeth.
Can feel bulky in your mouth. Less bulky than traditional dentures. The most natural-feeling denture option.
Does not retain or restore jawbone but also does not require healthy jawbone to be used. Provides some health benefits to the jawbone. The use of dental implants helps retain and even restore jawbone while restoring the form and function of your teeth.
The most cost-effective option. A compromise between traditional dentures and permanent denture implants, in both benefits and cost. An investment in your dental health — offers the most long-term value.
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Why come to Mid-Peninsula Dental Specialists for implant dentures?

Mid-Peninsula Dental Specialists is a multispecialty practice — that means we have a variety of specialists under one roof. This allows us to perform the entire implant process right in our offices, with consistent care from the team you’ve gotten to know. 

When you begin the implant-supported denture process with us, we start with a detailed look at your mouth and jaw using the CT scanner to plan your treatment, including finding the ideal location for each of your implants.

Next, we place the implants using surgical guides, while making sure you’re comfortable during the surgical procedure. IV sedation is available if you’re feeling anxious, or simply want to be completely relaxed — just talk to your care team about your preferences. 

Once your implants have completely healed and integrated with your jawbone we custom-make your dentures and install them in your mouth, ensuring a comfortable fit. Thanks to our use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) we can help make the healing process both faster and more successful, reducing the time you need to wait before having your dentures installed.

Am I a candidate for implant-supported dentures?

In order to receive dental implants you must be in good overall health as well as good oral health. Dental implants require sufficient jaw bone for attachment, as well as sufficient healthy gum tissue. 

If you’re not an ideal candidate for implant-supported dentures when you first come to see us, you still have options! 

We’re able to perform a variety of surgical procedures and other treatments that can make you a candidate for implants, including bone grafts, sinus lifts, or gum augmentation. 

If you’re not sure whether implant-supported dentures are the right option for you, get in touch with our specialists — they’ll walk you through the process and help you understand your options.

Our Happy Patients

Dr Phan and Dental Assistant Jane were really Pros from start to finish. Jane was absolutely hilarious and very attentive, while also totally professional. Her and Dr. Phan made a great team and were able to solve my complicated wisdom tooth situation and always kept me informed of every risk before proceeding. Thank you!

Michael B.

Dr Beckstead is amazing. I had partial bone loss around one of my teeth and three dentists think that I won't be able to keep it, but Dr Beckstead performed one surgery and saved my tooth. It has been over two years since the surgery and I have not had any more issues with that tooth.

Lucy X.

I'm actually looking forward to my next prophylaxis. That's a teeth cleaning, and I never would have believed I'd say such a thing. I want to give a special shout out to Cindy, who did a fantastic job on my teeth AND gave me the tools and knowledge to nip gum disease in the bud. Have you ever heard of a Sulcabrush? I have one now, and it's awesome. Look it up.

David R.

Dr. Beckstead and his entire team are exceptional. They provided kind, informative and top-notch care every step of the way. My nerves were immediately calmed when I entered the office and I realized that I was in the caring and experienced care of true professionals. The procedure was flawless, the outcome was terrific and the entire process was pain-free (in every way!).

Tina R.

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