Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Do I need my wisdom teeth pulled?

By the time wisdom teeth begin to emerge, most people already have a full set of teeth. That means there usually isn’t room for wisdom teeth in the mouth, and they’re likely to push the other teeth out of place — and cause pain in the process. 

Wisdom teeth are also likely to become impacted, meaning they grow at an angle toward the other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are even more likely to push the rest of your teeth out of alignment and cause other dental health issues. 

When your teeth are pushed together by the emergence of wisdom teeth it isn’t just a cosmetic problem. Teeth overlapping or putting pressure on each other can make those teeth more likely to crack or chip, causing additional problems and needing repair. 

A packed mouth can also make dental hygiene more challenging. If teeth are pressed too close together it can be difficult or impossible to floss properly, leading to additional decay over time.

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What should I expect with wisdom teeth extraction at Mid-Peninsula Dental Specialists?

Before the procedure

  • You’ll meet with an oral surgeon to discuss your overall health and dental health.
  • The oral surgeon and care team will perform diagnostics including x-rays to fully understand the current state of your wisdom teeth and how they’re impacting the rest of your teeth and jaw. Together you’ll decide whether wisdom teeth extraction is the right choice for you.
  • Before the procedure, you’ll decide what kind of anesthesia and sedation you’d like to have.

During the procedure

  • The wisdom teeth removal procedure is often complete in under an hour. 
  • The wisdom teeth will be removed either whole or in pieces, depending on your case.
  • The gums may need to be cut in order to reach the wisdom teeth, and if so, they will be stitched back up.

After the procedure

  • Depending on which anesthesia and sedation options you choose, you may rest in our offices for a while to become more alert. You may also need to have a ride home arranged. 
  • Pain after surgery should be expected, but your oral surgeon will make sure you understand how to manage pain including over-the-counter medications and prescription medications if necessary. 
  • Your oral surgeon will also make sure you understand other pain relief methods, including ice packs and warm compresses. 
  • You’ll need to stick to soft foods for a few days as you heal (this is a great excuse to eat ice cream for dinner if you’re not feeling sensitive to the cold!)

Why come to Mid-Peninsula Dental Specialists for wisdom teeth removal?

At Mid-Peninsula Dental Specialists, we have a team of professionals with complementary skills to provide you with comprehensive dental health care. It also means that you can receive all of your dental care under one roof, allowing you to get comfortable with the team that’s supporting you. 

We know the idea of having your wisdom teeth pulled can be scary, so we do our best to keep you comfortable through the entire process. That starts with making sure you understand what the procedure involves and why it’s necessary, all the way through providing clear aftercare instructions and follow-ups.

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Need another reason? Our reviews speak for themselves.

So my time at MPDS was filled with superstars at every point!

The entire front office helped break down the cost of my Wisdom Teeth extraction and kept a very respectful and understanding approach with no pressure to make a decision.

Dr Phan and Dental Assistant Jane were really Pros from start to finish. Jane was absolutely hilarious and very attentive, while also totally professional. Her and Dr. Phan made a great team and were able to solve my complicated wisdom tooth situation and always kept me informed of every risk before proceeding.

For someone who has had negative dental experiences in the past, this was a real dream team. Thank you!

Michael B.

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