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The loss of a tooth can feel catastrophic. In our culture a big beautiful smile goes a long way towards making the right impression. When you are missing teeth, smiling can be embarrassing and shameful. People with missing teeth may even go so far as to avoid social interaction, becoming more isolated and depressed as time goes on. This is no way to live, and we can help!

The Social Stigma of Missing Teeth

When you feel embarrassed and ashamed of your mouth, you probably won’t smile as much. In this country smiling is expected. When you don’t smile people may misinterpret your straight face as being unfriendly, or unwilling to engage.

It takes a toll on you to use so much effort to keep your mouth hidden all the time. In reality, people may not be as aware of your missing teeth as you think, but that hardly matters when you are feeling so embarrassed and ashamed.

Going out to dinner with friends can be a nightmare, especially if missing teeth hinders your chewing. Constantly having to adjust your food so that you can chew it takes a lot of effort.  Biting into food at awkward angles takes way more planning than eating a meal should have to.

This stuff adds up. It is exhausting and depressing. Slowly but surely, people with missing teeth may start to isolate and avoid other people.

We don’t want you to feel that way! Lots of people are missing teeth, and you are not alone! And with the advances in technology more people are getting dental implants.

Health and Wellness Issues with Missing Teeth

There are physical aspects of tooth loss that accompany the stigma of missing teeth.

Your diet may suffer. You can no longer enjoy certain foods, some of which may be crucial to your health, such as apples or nuts. Limited chewing can affect your digestive health, and a diet should be well rounded and full, not limited to soft foods that are easily chewed with missing teeth.

Once you have lost your tooth (or teeth), the bone where that tooth once sat begins to deteriorate. This can weaken the structure of your jaw, causing more problems in the future.

The opening in your gums where the tooth came out is open now, making you more prone to infection. Even if gum health didn’t affect your tooth loss, it can still become a problem once the tooth is gone.

The effects of missing teeth isn’t limited to your shame and embarrassment, your physical well-being can be put in jeopardy as well.

We Can Help You!

There is no reason for you to live like this! Dental implants are my passion and my specialty. I work with the best technology, and the best doctors around. I have made dental implants the focus of my career.

I understand that people have a lot of shame around their missing teeth. I can assure you, I am not here to judge, I’m here to help. I also know that many people put off necessary dental care, including implants, because they fear the procedures. Dental phobia is a very real thing, and I am well practiced in helping people to succeed despite their dental phobia.

We offer sedation dentistry, as well as same day implants. If you’re worried about the cost of implants, please give my office a call-the price may not be as far out of your range as you think! Dental implants have become much more affordable in recent years.

We serve patients all over the Greater Bay Area, from the Peninsula to San Francisco. Don’t let missing teeth mess with your mental or physical health for one more day!


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