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Getting dental implants can be a scary and overwhelming prospect. Any surgery is a big deal, and dental surgery is especially daunting to many.

Dr. Joseph Field has dedicated his career to the art of Dental Implants and Smile Makeovers. He believes that a beautiful smile goes way beyond just a pretty picture. A winning smile can enhance ones entire life through confidence, responsible eating habits, and a healthy lifestyle all around.

Dental Phobia and Sedation Dentistry

Fear of the dentist is common. Some people fear the dentist chair so much they avoid necessary treatment for years at a time. The longer you wait on dental work of any sort, the more intensive the treatment will become.

That’s why Dr. Field Specializes in Sedation Dentistry. He understands the trepidation of being in the dental chair-he’s not particularly fond of being in there himself!

There are varying levels of sedation available depending on each patients need. Some people might just need a little bit of laughing gas to take off the edge and make the procedure less tense. Other people may need heavier sedation, if they have a complete aversion to dental work.

We can put people out completely when necessary. This can be beneficial for those who have a lot of work to be done, and don’t want to keep coming back for appointment after appointment. In this way we can complete years of dental work in a single visit!

For those who are simply anxious, and understandably so, our entire staff are understanding and compassionate. We get it-it’s scary, and we do not judge. Dr. Field has been known to escort patients into the office just to offer support and reassurance.

Expert Care

Dr. Field is one of the top dental implant specialists in the business. He is constantly furthering his education, enhancing his office with the newest technologies, and teaching his peers at various conferences and summits.

His record of successful implant surgeries is incredible, yet he is always striving to learn more, to be better. No case is too difficult for him to take on, and he actually loves the opportunity to provide top-notch care to patients who have been told they are not viable candidates for implant surgery.

If you or a loved one is in need of a dental implant, or any type of cosmetic or medical dentistry, give our office a call. We offer free consultations to our first time patients, and we are always standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t wait another day to get the beautiful smile that you deserve!

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