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There are many dentists in the Bay Area and the Peninsula who offer dental implants to patients. What are the differences in their training and expertise? How can you decide the best type of dentist to see for your dental implants?

Many general dentists provide dental implants – some just perform the final restoration step, while others are capable of doing the whole thing. Dental specialties are also trained in dental implant surgery, but they do not typically do the final restoration step.

General Dentists and Dental Implants

Many general dentists now offer dental implants as part of their regular services. Some dentists only do the final stage of the implant which is putting a porcelain tooth crown on top of the implant so you have a functioning tooth.

A smaller number of general dentists actually place the implant root in your jawbone as well. Less general dentists do this part of the procedure as it requires special training and more advanced equipment.

If you decide to see a general dentist, it’s important to learn more about their training, background and the technology they use. You’ll want to find a provider who has placed many implants with a high success rate to ensure the best quality treatment outcome.

Dental Implant Specialists

Dental specialists also provide dental implant care – most commonly oral surgeons and periodontists. These specialists perform the 1st stage of the dental implant treatment which is placing the implant in your jaw.

However, they do not perform the 2nd part of the dental implant process where you get your final tooth crown – this is done by a cosmetic general dentist. This means that if you see one of these specialists for your dental implant placement, you’ll need to see a different doctor to finish the treatment after your implant heals.

These types of dental specialists are typically highly trained and attend additional schooling for the procedures they provide. They usually have top technology available in their office to perform procedures. The downside for most patients is having to coordinate with multiple dental practices to complete your dental implant procedure.

Best Specialist in Dental Implants

I’m a general dentist with highly specialized dental implant training. I’m a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology DABOI/ID which is the most advanced level of certification available for placing dental implants. Because I’m also a general dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry, I can complete the entire implant process for my patients from placement to restoration.

I’ve built my practice around dental implant surgery, so not only is my training the highest level but it’s also what I do every day. That gives me a wide range of experience and thousands of successful outcomes.

I’m also able to offer my patients conveniences such as same-day dental implants – which means you get to leave my office with a fully functional tooth the same day you come in! This is a huge benefit to patients who are replacing removable dentures with dental implants, and patients who have a visible missing single tooth. I’m also a trained specialist in IV sedation which is a great option for patients who want to avoid pain, or who have fears of the dental implant procedure.

Additionally, I’m able to do advanced supplementary procedures such as bone grafting. We are also proud to offer state-of-the-art technology and equipment in our practice including 3-D imaging and osseointegration. I’m also trained in Zirconia dental implants for patients who have metal allergies and cannot use titanium dental implants.

When you are treated in my practice, you get the best training of a dental implant specialist combined with the continuous care of having 1 provider complete your implant from start to finish. It’s a win-win! This is why I love what I do – getting to give patients permanent dental implants when they’re suffering from tooth loss is rewarding, it’s exciting to see how thrilled they are with the results!

Finding a Dental Implant Specialist in the Bay Area

It is important to do your research when shopping for a dental implant provider. Be wary of shopping solely by price – often these “good deals” come with hidden costs and a factory feel to the process. In my practice, we have a relaxing spa-like environment to put our patients at ease. We also have dedicated financial experts with a variety of ways to make financing your dental implants comfortable for your lifestyle.

Most importantly, you’ll receive top quality care from a specialist in dental implants who can treat you from start to finish.

We serve cities and counties across the Bay Area including San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Mateo, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Santa Clara and more! As a courtesy, we offer a travel credit to our patients who come from Sacramento and Monterey. Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about getting the dental implants you deserve to live a healthy life!

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