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Navigating insurance plans can be confusing. Bay Area Implants can help you to utilize your insurance plan in order to receive the most out of your benefits package.

Many people ask if insurance or flex spending accounts will cover their dental implants. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding insurance and flexible savings accounts.

Using Your Flex Spending Account Wisely

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) can often be used for your dental implants. The first step is to find out from your insurance provider whether or not you have the option for a FSA.

Once you’ve established that you do have a FSA, and you do need a dental implant(s), get together with your implant specialist and lay out a plan to utilize your benefits for the treatment you need.

Planning ahead is important. You want to plan ahead for your treatment so you can be sure to accrue the money you need in your FSA in order to afford your implants. That’s why it’s helpful to communicate effectively with your specialist and your insurance company-to ensure that you’re prepared and properly refunded for your treatment.

If this seems confusing to you, don’t worry! We have experts standing by in our office to help answer all of your questions. We will work with you and your insurance provider to make sure that you get the treatment you need, at a rate you can afford.

How to use your FSA for Dental Implants

Typically dental implants are eligible for reimbursement with an FSA, a Health Savings Account (HSA), a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), or a Limited Care Flexible Spending Account (LCFSA). If you have any of these things under your health insurance umbrella, then you will likely be reimbursed for your care.

A general rule of thumb is that FSA’s, HSA’s, and LCFSA’s cover anything that is considered preventative care. Things that are cosmetic, such as teeth whitening are generally not covered. Different insurance companies cover different things, and you should choose an implant specialist who can work with your insurance provider to ensure that you get the treatment you need at an affordable rate.

We believe that a full set of working teeth is absolutely vital for your overall health and wellness. Missing teeth can lead to a variety of more serious health issues in the future. If you have lost teeth, don’t despair-Bay Area Implants has the best implant specialist in the bay area!

How Orthodontia and other Oral Health Care is Reimbursed

Orthodontia expenses are eligible for reimbursement even if you’ve already fully paid for your treatment. This is assuming that the plan design permits reimbursement of full payment.

While reimbursement requirements do vary between benefits administrators, one-time payments are the easiest method to be quickly reimbursed for the full amount of out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by insurance.

If you choose to pay for your treatment as you go however, you’ll need to keep careful track of each visit to your specialist, and what work was done. This method of reimbursement may work best for those who are organized and can keep track of dates and services rendered.

So the answer is yes, dental implants can be covered by Flex Spending Accounts and insurance. You will need to do some planning with your specialist and insurance provider to make sure that you get reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses accrued during your treatment.

Dr. Joseph Field specializes in dental implants and smile makeovers. He believes that a healthy set of teeth is vital to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re in need of a dental implant, and you need some guidance in navigating the insurance aspect of it, give us a call today. We treat patients all over the Bay Area, from San Francisco to the Peninsula, and all the surrounding communities.

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