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Losing teeth is not just embarrassing and shameful, but also detrimental to your health. When you’re missing a tooth, or several teeth, the rest of your mouth (and your overall health!) is affected. It’s not just about the missing space in your mouth, its the effects that the missing space has on the rest of your mouth that causes the most concern.

Here are some of the risks associated with missing teeth. Don’t worry though- there are solutions!

Complications from Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, deterioration starts to take place in that empty space in the jaw. Since there is no tooth there, there is no reason for bone to grow, and so deterioration occurs.

This can lead to problems for the rest of your teeth. The teeth immediately surrounding that empty space may begin to grow towards it, causing an uneven bite. The rest of your teeth can start to shift around as well, causing even more potential complications in the future.

There are solutions to these problems. We specialize in dental implants, and we often do bone grafts in order to strengthen the jaw before placing the implants. The longer you wait to get your implants though, the more intensive the process can be. So if you’re missing teeth, try not to wait too long before beginning the process of getting dental implants.

Complications with Proper Nutrition

When you’re missing teeth, chewing certain foods can be problematic. Harder foods, such as apples and nuts may be avoided altogether, creating a gap in your adequate nutrition. If you’ve waited long enough, your teeth may have started to shift around, creating an uneven bite.

An uneven bite can lead to wear and tear on your surviving teeth, as they crash together when you chew food. Even if you are favoring softer foods, your teeth still come together. These miniscule chips can grow into larger damage as time goes by.

Favoring softer foods can be an issue of its own, as they don’t tend to provide the proper nutrition necessary to fuel your body and mind.

What may seem like a minor issue, one missing tooth, can create a domino effect of more severe damage and problems.

Dental Implants Promote Good Health

Aside from the boost in self-confidence and appearance, dental implants offer a number of ways to promote good health overall.

Upon placing the implant, the bone in your jaw that has begun to deteriorate will be stimulated to grow again. This will reinforce the strength at the site, and therefore your whole jaw.

Upon receiving your implant, your bite will be even again. You won’t be chewing improperly, thereby eliminating unnecessary wear and tear on your remaining teeth.

You’ll be able to eat the foods you love again! No more avoiding particularly hard foods or favoring soft ones. You can eat what you want, when you want!

Your confidence will soar. There’s nothing like knowing your smile is beautiful, to make you smile. The embarrassment and shame that comes with missing teeth is like no other, and having a fully functional, beautiful smile is a pick-me-up comparable to no other.

If you’re missing a tooth, or several teeth, there’s no time like the present to look into dental implant surgery. I’ve built my practice around dental implants-I love doing them. They’re my specialty and my passion.

I understand that many people have a lot of fear and trepidation around dental work, and I specialize in sedation dentistry for that purpose. Dental phobia is no joke, and no one should have to forgo important health care because of it. We even offer same day implants!

We also use the best and latest technology, and our office is warm and welcoming. If you are missing a tooth, make an appointment today. We offer free consultations, and we serve patients all over the Greater Bay Area, from the Peninsula to San Francisco, and all the areas between. We look forward to meeting you!





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